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ADHD is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a behavioral concern that commonly begins to develop in childhood and lasts through adulthood. ADHD has a number of symptoms that can disrupt your ability to focus, stay still, or keep your thoughts organized at work, school, or home. If you've noticed that you or your child seem to have issues with concentration or impulse control, we invite you to schedule an ADHD testing appointment at WellHealth Medical Associates in Belleville or Rochester Hills, MI. Our team can provide a diagnosis and guidance to manage ADHD symptoms. Reach out to schedule an appointment and learn more.

ADHD testing usually involves a discussion of your or your child's medical history and symptoms, as well as psychological testing to see how those symptoms are affecting your daily life. If our staff determines that you have ADHD, we'll make treatment recommendations, which may include medication, behavioral therapy, or both, depending on your needs. While there is no permanent cure for ADHD, the right combination of treatments can allow you to effectively manage your symptoms and regain your day-to-day focus.

Different patients may experience ADHD in different ways, which is why it's important to receive a professional diagnosis. That being said, some of the more common symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A strong urge to fidget when sitting still
  • Forgetfulness
  • Poor organization
  • Poor time management
  • Impulsivity

I’ve been going here for years now. Dr. Murthy is a great doctor. Always looks out for my best interest. Only thing I’ve ever had a problem with is getting called on Friday night for video when my appt was on a Wednesday. But I understand there’s only 2 providers and a lot of patients. Other than that they helped me with a lot. Thank you guys

J.S. Google

He's an extremely smart doctor very well educated I'd recommend him to anyone

L.C. Google

I have been a patient at Wellhealth for years now…I am always well taken care of, no matter what the reason of my visit. Staff has always been beyond great, even new faces…but Sarah is the secret sauce to this office. I appreciate everyone here and strongly recommend this office.

C.C. Google

Dr. Murthy is incredibly knowledgeable in treating even the most complicated health issues. I have multiple autoimmune problems and since I’ve started seeing him, he has given me my life back! He is very understanding and compassionate and his superior knowledge in rare diseases make it so easy to talk to him and get the best treatments. I never believed it was possible for me to have a life without pain and I am forever grateful to him for giving me that! His PA Dr. Olivia is the best, she is very easy to talk to and very compassionate and knowledgeable as well. The entire staff at this office are amazing 😊 My 3 year old daughter and I are always happy to go in and see everyone! They make you feel very comfortable, like you’re family 😁 This is by far the best Primary Care office I have been to in over 10 years and I’m so blessed to have found them Thank you 🙏

A.S. Google

Nice clean friendly and helpful environment,, l will continue going there!!!!

A.F. Google


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If you or your child are dealing with focus problems, impulsive behavior, or other symptoms you think might be related to ADHD, the compassionate staff at WellHealth Medical Associates is here to assist with a diagnosis and treatment. With help, you can minimize the impact of your symptoms on your life. Schedule an appointment at our office in Rochester Hills or Belleville, MI to learn more.

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