Primary Care, Preventive, Behavioral and Addiction Services


Sanjay Murthy, MD,MPH&TM (President)

Elliott Bettman, MD (Medical Director)

Amani Tanios, PA-C
Jennifer Trimai,PA-C

Dr. Murthy is trained in various medical specialties such as primary care, preventive medicine, behavioral & addiction medicine. He is President of Urgent Care of Farmington Hills and is Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine by the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine.  Dr Bettman is board certified in internal medicine and has extensive experience in acute and chronic illnesses.

Both Dr.Murthy and Dr. Bettman have a keen interest in providing all patients with a “one stop convenience” for all their medical needs.

Preventive & Occupational Medicine:

As we age, the importance of monitoring your health becomes more and more important. Annual physical exams, Blood pressure monitoring, Diabetes screening, cholesterol testing, allergy testing and obesity management are some of the preventive services we offer just to name a few. Furthermore, we also provide DOT, sports, camp & Pre-employment physical exams along with onsite urine drug screens, lab work, EKG, Spirometry and TB skin testing as part of our Occupational Medicine services.


Behavioral and Addiction Medicine

Dr. Murthy is Fellowship trained in Addiction Medicine/Dual Diagnosis. He has extensive expertise in behavioral and addiction medicine. He is one of a limited number of doctors licensed to provide Suboxone to opioid dependent patients.  We also conduct drug and alcohol assessments for patients and coordinate a plan of care which may include specific lab testing, urine drug screens, addiction counseling services, neuropsychological testing and much more. Furthermore, we diagnose and manage common mental health conditions including; Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder (ADHD) , Bipolar disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Panic disorder and more. We are closely affiliated to Abaris Behavioral Health & Pioneer counseling centers. We pledge to treat every patient with compassion, dignity and clinical excellence. If you are looking for compassionate service from a well-qualified medical expert, schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation.

Walk-In Clinic Services

Life is hectic and stressful. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule for walk in service. Don’t suffer with a cold, flu or other urgent medical issue, contact our office. Dr. Murthy also holds office hours at the Urgent Care of Farmington Hills.

Complete Health Services Provider

Schedule an appointmentWe would be proud to be your health services provider. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

“At WellHealth Medical Associates we are guided at all times by the values of compassion, trust and dignity. Our mission is to serve the people of this community through the provisions of optimal, high-quality medical care in a cost-effective manner.”